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Shekinah Teacher Training

On this page the Shekinah teacher training is presented. After finishing the training you’ll be an authorized Shekinah teacher. You’ll get the licence to teach the integrated Shekinah course and parts of it yourself.

Getting started

The view and mission of Shekinah is laid down in the Shekinah Manifesto. It also describes how this can be realized. If you’re considering to become a Shekinah teacher, it is recommended to read the complete Shekinah Manifesto. Download it here (pfd).

Preliminary training

To become Shekinah teacher no preliminary training is required. The way you’ll learn to teach Shekinah is by experiencing and practising the trade, and it is done in a very personal way. So each and every aspect gets the attention that’s needed for you personally. Knowledge of and having experience with energy work, in whatever way, does make things more easily. It is also a good foundation to have affinity and experience in teaching and organizing, but both are no conditions in advance.

Learning to teach by experiencing and practising the trade

Experiencing and practising the trade means to get acquainted with all aspects of the Shekinah course.  Starting by organizing a course, teaching the course and coaching participants afterwards, if needed. And also to start and accompany a Shekinah group.    

You’ll start the training by a personal contact with Krijn Koetsveld, to discover if becoming Shekinah teacher really is something that’s mend for you. If so, you start off by organizing a first integrated course. In organizing you’ll get supervision by Krijn Koetsveld. This first integrated course will included all 5 phases of Shekinah, including the personal blueprint. During this first course you will see how it is done by Krijn, for he’ll teach the first course completely. Each part of the course will be looked over with you in advance and afterwards. In this way you’ll learn how and why things are taught. After organizing a second course you’ll teach (parts of) that course yourself, getting supervision by Krijn. If needed, this will be repeated during a third course, which you’ll be teaching yourself completely. During the time between the meetings you’ll get lectures to study, in preparation to the next levels of the course.

During this training you’ll organize a local Shekinah group for participants of the first Shekinah course and other people interested. In the beginning you’ll accompany these meetings in consideration with and with supervision of Krijn, until you feel confident enough. Participants of following courses may join your local Shekinah group, if they like to.

So this way of learning to teach by experiencing and practising the trade, is really ‘custom made’: you’ll really get a personal training to become Shekinah teacher in a way that suits you best. In this way your strong points take a leap forward and you’ll also know your weak points and how to deal with them.

Aspects of the Shekinah teacher training

A survey of all aspects of the Shekinah teacher training in one list:

  • to discuss if and how you’ll become Shekinah teacher
  • organizing the course and bringing participants together
  • personal development (initiated by the first Shekinah course)
  • teaching the Shekinah course (aspects of content of the course)
  • aspects of being a teacher, like: working with groups, leadership, feeling safe, individual and group attention, how to deal with ‘interfering’ events, and so on
  • development of your strong and weak points. Discovering your personal way of teaching
  • Discovering your personal skills in developing and educating Shekinah
  • Starting, organizing and supporting your local Shekinah group
  • To give personal coaching                                                                                                                                                     

Training expenses

During the training to become a Shekinah teacher, you’re the organizer of the course from the very beginning. You have to take into account expenses for staying, meals of full board, organizing, the several workshops that create the integrated course and maybe other expenses as well. The workshop expenses are containing the fee for the trainer and expenses for materials and maybe others costs. A survey of all aspects of organizing and the way it is done is presented at this page of the Cobos website.

Krijn Koetsveld is paid by transferring the total workshop fee during the complete duration of your training (a list with workshop fees will be presented to you at the start of your training). During your training to become a Shekinah teacher you’ll pay just one integrated Shekinah course. So you’ll pay no fee for the second and next courses you organize during your training. When you’ve attended a Shekinah course as participant, before you decided to start your training to become Shekinah teacher, you won’t pay twice for the part you’ve already learned. For example: when you’ve attended a Shekinah course phase 1 and 2 already, but did not attend phase 3, 4 and 5, you’ll just pay the workshop fee for phase 3,4 and 5 of the first course.

Starting point is to arrange all consideration needed in days before and following the course. These considerations are free of charge. Other consideration will be done by e-mail or phone, free of charge too. Expenses of Krijn for travelling and staying will be included in the organization of the course or charged to you separately.

Because of you being the organizer from the start, you’ll learn to calculate in a way to get a fee for organizing as well. Your expenses of the training may be paid from this fee, depending on the expenses, the number of participants and so on, of course.

It depends on the laws in your country if the expenses of this training are tax-deductible. The Shekinah teacher training is a professional training and by that it might be tax-deductible. Just check the rules in your country.

So, in the end, the Shekinah teacher training will not bring you huge expenses – just one time the fee of the integrated course. Your investment aims at your personal effort and development, your time and creativity in developing your personal skills.

After finishing your training you’ve become an authorized Shekinah teacher. You’ll get the licence to teach the integrated Shekinah course and parts of it, yourself. And from that moment on all fees of the courses you teach belong to you, of course. Being a Shekinah teacher your annual licence and travelling costs to attend the extra training are your only expenses.

Licence and extra training

The word ‘unity’ means ‘not being divided’ and ‘harmony’. In this way the ‘unity’ verbalizes the conscious knowing that fight is not a right way to develop. In Shekinah we see seemingly opposites as creative forces, creating a ‘sacred space’, where things may develop spontaneously. By integrating this principle in your personal life, it is also possible to create a group of people, living in this way, enjoying, discovering, encouraging and developing together. This also includes seizing the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others, and sharing methods and ways you’ve discovered yourself. In this way Shekinah joins the idea of ‘open source’. During your Shekinah teacher training the intention is to share the insights of ancient wisdom, in order to develop your personal skills to discover useful methods yourself in old scriptures that have not been studied yet. In order to share it, of course, with other Shekinah teachers and everyone attending the Shekinah course or already finished it.

This will be done by publishing the method on the Shekinah website in an article. The Shekinah teachers will take care to make it well known to the participants of their Shekinah groups. A Shekinah teacher is also capable to help people putting it into practice for themselves (coaching). Each person that attended a Shekinah course is of course free in choosing if a method is useful to him or her, or not. In this way the number of methods increases and personal choice and freedom is guaranteed as well.

This demands of each and everyone, gathered in Shekinah (‘The Shekinah Unity’) commitment, effort, willing to share and to learn from each other to develop further. This applies especially to the Shekinah teachers. To create this, and also to make it possible to withdraw oneself from the group of Shekinah teachers, a licence is created. This licence is put in the name of the Shekinah teacher personally and cannot be transferred. Teachers holding a licence are mentioned on the Shekinah website. In this way a prospective participant of the Shekinah course can trace an authorized Shekinah teacher nearby. The licence is renewed every year. The licence costs are published amply before the renewal. Teachers with a licence are mentioned on this page.

A meeting of Shekinah teachers is arranged at least once a year; to meet each other, to discuss developments, maybe to start projects together. This applies to the development of methods to work with the integrated cosmic and earth energies, to methods which help people to experience unity consciousness and to new useful methods, extracted from scriptures of ancient wisdom. This annual meeting is required to keep your licence and therefore also acknowledged as extra training. The annual licence fee bears the costs of the meeting. 

Presenting yourself to the Shekinah teacher training

The way to becomes Shekinah teacher is your very personal path. Therefore you may present yourself at any time. Please send an e-mail to krijnkoetsveld@gmail.com or call +31742509520, at working days between 10.00 en 13.00 am.

Please use the same way to contact Krijn Koetsveld if you have any questions, if you want more information or like to consult in any way about the Shekinah teacher training.