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Shekinah Course

The ‘Shekinah Course’ is an integrated course with energy work, methods to expand your consciousness till the field of omnipresent consciousness can be integrated and a way to discover your personal blue print for this life.

The course follows the phases of Shekinah, as published on the homepage in the beam ‘the phases of Shekinah’. As you will see, the integrated Shekinah course includes a lot of topics, linked together. It is far too much to do it all ‘in one go’, but of even more importance is that participants need time to integrate everything. Therefore a Shekinah course is usually organized in several parts, with intervals of several weeks or months.

See this page for more information about the content of the course or click the link ‘Shekinah course’ in the schedule underneath.

Other Shekinah events

Beside the Shekinah Course, it is possible to work on Earth healing, organize a workshop in Earth healing and to organize a trip to a sacred site. Underneath more information on these topics is available.

Courses, workshops and trips

Click on the link to read more information about that event:

Trips to sacred places
Possibilities to organize a trip to sacred sites.

Shekinah Course

The outlines of the Shekinah course.
More information Detailed information about several topics of the Shekinah course.

Earth Healing

Information about earth healing

Shekinah teacher training
The way to become an authorized Shekinah teacher.


Shekinah festival

Information about the Shekinah festival in the Netherlands.


Organizing a Shekinah event

The Shekinah course is very flexible. Starting with an evening, a day or a weekend is possible. Therefore a Shekinah course can be organized easily. The other events can be organized as a workshop with, but usually without an interval. The complete schedule about organizing is published here, or click the button ‘organization’ at the top of this page.

Photo impressions of the events

See the online photo-album at the Cobos website.

Experiences of participants

See this page to read the experiences of participants, arranged to several events and aspects of Shekinah.